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I already do enough blogging and posting about the business side of my life, so this blog is really to capture the aspects of my personal life. I talk about products that I love and hate. I’m sure you’ll get sick of my posts about food and coffee (just click away if I’m annoying you). I’ll also share my fairly recent ¬†passion for improving my health and fitness. Anyone who has known me for the last decade or so knows that there was a time in my life when a focus on my career led me down a pretty unhealthy path. But, around the start of 2009, I decided to turn that all around, get in shape, and lose about 40 lbs. I’m now in the best shape of my life and I feel fantastic. I eat healthy and I work out about 5 days per week, rain or shine. Although I used to do CrossFit for about 3 years, I now follow a training program that is pretty heavy on weightlifting and olympic lifting, with a dash of weekend trail running to get some fresh air and blow out the cobwebs. Sick of hearing about me yet? Again, you can just move along. That’s the beauty of this whole internet thing.

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Larry Cornett Larry Cornett, Ph.D.
Founder, Brilliant Forge
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I am currently the founder of Brilliant Forge, a product strategy and design consultancy. I mostly work with tech startups focused on consumer experiences for mobile apps and web-based services. I occasionally work with larger companies too. You can read more about that side of me there, or not.


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