Auditory Bliss at 30,000 feet

 audio-technica ATH-ANC3 in-ear noise-cancelling headphonesI have always been interested in trying noise-canceling headphones when I fly. But, I prefer the portability and comfort of in-ear headphones. So, until recently, there weren’t many desirable options. Then I discovered the audio-technica ATH-ANC3 in-ear noise-canceling headphones at my local Apple Store.

From the audio-technica site:

Electronics in the control box create a noise-canceling wave that is 180° out of phase with the ambient noise. This wave acts like a noise eraser: it cancels out the annoying sounds that surround you without diminishing the audio you want to hear. The result…a peaceful enclave to enjoy the music or movies of your choice.

I found the headphones to be quite comfortable for a long flight. The sound quality is good, but perhaps not quite as good as my Etymotic earphones. But, the most dramatic thing I noticed was how much I could reduce the volume when the noise-cancelling was turned on. While I was on the plane, I turned on the noise-cancelling switch and adjusted the volume to be comfortable. Then, I turned off the noise-cancellation. The engine noise from the plane was so loud that I literally could no longer hear the music at all. Basically, without the noise-cancellation, you have to turn up the volume way beyond a normally comfortable level. Not good.

So, I’m sold. I take them with me on all flights now. And what a difference it makes! One simple product that makes the experience of flying a little more enjoyable.

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