Predicting the Death of Big Entertainment Venues

Mountain Winery concerts in Saratoga, CAI have always loved live entertainment events. Concerts, comedians, music festivals; you name it. But, I have noticed an interesting shift over the past couple of years. I no longer have the patience for large venues. With the increasing quality of home entertainment systems and faster broadband pipelines, the entertainment decision is becoming harder. Do you go out for an event and endure skyrocketing ticket prices, challenging commutes and parking, standing in line, and crowded venues? Or, do you simply stay home and watch an event in HD with surround sound on the comfort of your living room couch? Read full article…

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Apple TV and the 2.0 Upgrade

Apple TV product shotYes, I’m an early adopter. That’s why I bought an Apple TV last year. And, I will admit that it has mostly just been an experimental toy until now. The biggest benefits? Being able to access my iTunes library of music and view my photos all from my living room entertainment system. My kids love going through all of our photos on the big screen HDTV. The YouTube videos were fun for a little while, but that faded quickly.

The 2.0 Upgrade
However, the latest 2.0 software upgrade finally made it a lot more interesting. Now I can instantly rent movies (including a number in high-definition with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound), buy TV shows, and browse Flickr photos on my widescreen HDTV (and I love Flickr)… Read full article…

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Blu-Ray Wins: High Definition DVD Format Battle is Over

Blu-Ray logo

Well, it looks like Sony’s Blu-Ray technology has won the high definition DVD format battle. Toshiba is dropping support for the HD DVD format. This is great news for consumers who will no longer have the confusion of the competing high-def formats. Well, except for those consumers who invested in HD DVD systems. Sorry! 🙁

HD DVD logo

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Yahoo! Search Launching Great New Features

Yahoo! Search

It has been a while since I have posted. If you head on over to Yahoo! Search, you will see why I’ve been a little busy lately. We’ve been working on a ton of great new ideas for our Search experience and some of them are now ready for you! It is all about giving consumers a much better experience when they are searching, so that they find exactly what they are looking for faster and are happier with the results. Check out what we’ve been up to and I think you will agree.
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