Taking some irons out of the fire

For a long time, I’ve had too many irons in the fire. If that idiom doesn’t mean anything to you, here you go. But, I’ve been juggling my consulting projects, my writing, marketing, and a number of seedling startup businesses for years. It’s just too hard to make serious progress when your focus is spread that thin. But, recently, I’ve partnered with a few cofounders on a new startup (yes, another one), which seems to really have the chance to be big. Really big. So, I’m shedding projects and activities. I’m saying “no” to more things. I just want to focus more energy behind a few efforts and make them move forward much more quickly.

We’ll see how it goes. Part of me likes to place my bets across multiple opportunities, since we all know that most new businesses fail. Sad fact, but I’m pragmatic about that. But, not putting enough energy into one business ensures that it will fail. So, time to make fewer, bigger bets.

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